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Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 1.11.34 PMGet Your DSLR to Work for You with Private Lessons!

Are you intimidated, freaked out, scared or just not sure how to use that DSLR of yours? Meet Jared Brick, the founder of Brick House Images… (aka the Human Camera Manual)! Jared offers you an introductory 2-hour private jam packed skills lesson so you can control your DSLR like a PRO!

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Each intro lesson covers the following aspects of digital photography:

• Getting to know your camera and relevant photo gear with an overview of the features you will need to know how to control.

• Learn the finer details about ISO, White Balance (WB), optimal Color settings, using Flash, maximizing focus and exposure settings.

• Demystify Aperture (f/stops) to learn how each camera and lens controls for light and depth.

• Learn about about life in motion with Shutter Speed, as you discover the rules around movement with photography.

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**Discover photo secrets and tips that Jared will share with you to truly get most out of your camera!**

Lessons are available on weekdays and weekends when available by appointment only. Please contact Jared Brick for at 415-845-7632 to schedule your first private lesson.


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