Learn the Secrets of Digital Photography from a PRO!

Many people, companies and schools offer “photography 101 classes“… but few have the real skills to perform at 1:1 private custom teaching.  Jared Brick has spent the last 9 years refining his photographic teaching style to fit all levels on every camera make & model to fit in a ton of useful info into each private lesson.  Past clients have stated feeling more confident, creative, comfortable and inspired with new camera skills to practice.

It is a process that truly works and some consider Jared the human camera manual!

DSLR Pro Tips
Click the image above to see an overview of Lesson #1

LESSON #1: The first 2-hour lesson covers the following aspects of  digital photography:

  • Getting to know your camera and relevant photo gear with an overview of the features you will need to know.
  • Learn the finer details about ISO, White Balance (WB), optimal Color settings, using Flash, maximizing focus and exposure settings.
  • Demystify Aperture (f/stops) to learn how each camera and lens controls for light and depth.
  • Learn about about life in motion with Shutter Speed, as you discover the rules around movement with photography.
  • Discover photo secrets and tips that Jared will share with you to truly get most out of your camera!
Quickly learn your camera

Lesson #1 – Private Photography Instruction


LESSON #2: The second 2-hour lesson covers on-location shooting practice:

  • Learn to control any camera in a diverse set of lighting scenarios and conditions, interior and exterior light.
  • Get comfortable shooting in S or TV modes on your camera, controlling shutter speeds for time, motion and blurring special effects.
  • Learn about why to shoot in A or AV modes on your camera, controlling aperture and f/stops for depth, light and forcing viewers attention.
  • Dive into M manual mode and shoot like a PRO! Learn how to fully control your camera with help from your light meter.
  • All on-location lessons use your camera with you holding the reigns, we also practice backlighting, fill-flash and speed/motion examples.
bhi_5584 web
On-location photo lessons

 Lesson #2 On-Location Shooting Practice



LESSON #3: The third 2-hour lesson covers a variety of topics from advanced techniques to photo editing on your computer:

  • Learn the PRO way to download, import and archive your digital images to the computer and onto external hard-drives.
  • Get instruction on photo editing software including: Photoshop, Elements, Adobe’s Lightroom, iPhoto and Picasa/Flickr.
  • Cover editing basics of cropping, color balancing, saturation, contrast, composition, noise reduction, issues for finer edit adjustments.
  • Learn to convert your RAW or JPG color images to black & white, and many other great image effects, such as HDR photography.
  • Review exporting, online sharing to easily build photo galleries, burn to discs, upload or simply back-up your archives.
San Francisco Night Photo Workshop

Lesson #3 – Advanced Techniques + Computer Editing 

Additional topics include: HD and DSLR video capture, advanced lighting techniques, professional portraiture, off-camera sync flash, computer editing on Adobe’s Photoshop/Lightroom, iPhoto + Aperture and easy to use software like Picasa or Elements, website and product photography, real-estate shooting, fine-art basics, and any other specialized photographic situations you may want to learn more about.

Lesson Details: Jared meets you in person all around the SF Bay area and beyond (for a small fee), working together on-location.

BHI education



Recent model shoot focused for on-location lighting and posing!


You can meet Jared at the following locations around the Bay:

SF bay area photo map
Check out the best SF locations for photography!

 San Francisco: Ferry Building, Union Square or parks, cafes and other public areas

 East Bay: Berkeley cafes, UC Berkeley Campus, Downtown Oakland or other great local spots.

 At-Home: If you need Jared to come to your home or neighborhood to learn more about photography… he gladly will!


Lesson Rates:  Typically $60 per hour for 2-hour sessions, prices may not include travel time outside the above mentioned areas.

Payments: Accepted via cash, check or online via PayPal.com to photos @ bhimages . com (no spaces). Payment is paid in advance to the scheduled first lesson, or due at the end of each lesson. Checks are payable to Jared Brick.

Gift Certificates: Give someone private lessons, simply email us with their full name and the email of the person, and pay in advance.  You or they can receive the gift voucher for the lesson in the mail or via email (as a printable pdf).

Private lessons make a Great Photo Gift!


Book Today with PayPal!
Book Lessons with PayPal to photos@bhimages.com

Jared and Brick House Images is running lessons on Zozi.com now and below is the calendar to choose from!

Private instruction and lessons are a great investment and you will quickly be shooting better, satisfaction guaranteed. But don’t take our word for it… read the reviews!

Contact Jared today and you will see why he is the premier private photography teacher in all of the SF Bay Area… help is only a phone call away.


CALL 415-845-7632 or email photos@bhimages.com or use this contact form below…



Brick House Images

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