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FACT: Did you know that over 60% of online campaigns do not meet their funding goals! ~ Indiegogo

Before you live launch… speak with us first to learn our successful strategies!




HOP-ON a 1 Hour Consultation*

Let us help you review your pre-launch campaign or an already active campaign for a strategy plan, and quickly adjust to meet and exceed your funding goals! Each Hop-On consultation includes:

  • Receive the Top 20 Steps Ultimate Video Formula ($100 value)
  • A review the overall campaign message and impact
  • A review you your Perks + Pledge offerings to the funders
  • Strategy your ongoing strategy and how to keep up momentum

Hop-on 1 hour


FLYER a 3 Hour Consultation*

This three hour consultation will focus on preparation for launching your online campaign, including reviewing all your media assets (photo, video, docs). We advise this level to be spread over 2 meetings either via phone or Skype. Each Flyer consultation includes:

  • Receive the Top 20 Steps Ultimate Video Formula ($100 value)
  • We review your Perks & Pledges details to the online funders
  • We will help you plan for the Sharing and PR Strategy of the campaign
  • We can assist in ideas for promotions, content creation and campaign updates
  • We provide engagement tools and ways to  adjust to meet your goals.
  • RECEIVE the Top 10 Strategy for Success download (a $250 value)

Flyer 3 hours consultation


PILOT 6 Hours of Consultation* 

Spread our consulting services out over 60-days with 6 hours of assistance, for pre-launch, active campaigns, updates, changes and post-launch, to help maximize your funds.  We hold your hand during the entire span of the campaign and this is the best value add out there!  The Pilot includes the following:

  • Includes all the above levels and works with you as the campaign evolves and progresses, a customized service.
  • Receive the Top 20 Steps Ultimate Video Formula ($100 value)
  • Work with a consultant over the duration of a campaign, get support even after the campaign is completed.
  • Receive the Top 10 Strategy for Success download ($250 value)

Pilot 6 hours of consultation


ACE – Custom Media Creation Services*

If you are based in or near the SF Bay Area and starting a new campaign… we can assist you with the creation of your pitch video production, photography for your product or team, and other related media needs.  Contact us below for a media services quote.




Now ONLY $99.99  (a $250 value) 


Top 20 Crowdfunding Video Formula steps for product campaigns


Now ONLY $19.99 ($100 value)


Recent consulting feedback:

“I’m working on implementing all of your thoughts and just went through the video and successfully edited it down. I am overflowing with gratitude for your feedback and feel so appreciative.”  ~ Meghan D. Indiegogo


Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 3.31.05 PM


Conscious Company Magazine

“You had such a wealth of knowledge and insights for my campaign, I am taking it in a totally different direction now, excited as hell”   ~ Michael T. Kickstarter


“You offered such great assistance to me, it was unbelievable where my head was at before we spoke… so glad I found you.” ~ Heidi S. Indiegogo



samana ayurveda


Consultation meetings are completed either over the phone or online (on Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, GotoMeeting, etc.). If you are already based in or near the SF Bay area, we can meet in person, if you prefer. The meeting times are scheduled based on mutual availability. Travel times expenses are not included in the above set pricing. 

Please use the contact form to send any questions or concerns, or call us at 415-845-7632!

*Please note – Our consulting services do not guarantee your overall success in meeting your online funding goals, or creating a “successful” campaign. All services are offered as educational resources to assist you in developing the best campaign possible.

Full payment are due prior to starting any consulting services via the links above or to PayPal at:



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