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Founding director, Jared Brick, has owned and operated BHI since 2000, amazingly over 15 years now! The inspiration for this company spawned from a wild-eyed childhood dream and into an adult’s reality. The goal is to inspire people, offer them new perspectives, support entrepreneurs, and small business owners and capture our world! Below are some of the highlights of the last 40 years, enjoy the journeys!


1975-76: Born in Livingston, NJ with bi-lateral club feet, has ankle tendon surgery and 6 months of casts on both legs!
1980: As a kid Jared wants to be a National Geographic Photographer (age 5) from magazines around the home
1980s: Parents travel with him to Vermont, Colorado, Utah, Arizona and internationally to Israel, Egypt + France
1980-90s: Jared excels in the arts in the drawing, active with sports, and develops a passion and love for images.

1992: Spends a summer living in Tortola island, BVI, Visions International building a home, volunteering at Red Cross school, on a farm.
1994: Jared graduates from West Orange High school, excited be out into the world… he heads west to CO!
1994-98: Jared begins his undergraduate studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder, happily
1995: He switches majors at CU from Advertising/Journalism to Studio Arts to receive a creative degree.
1996: He spends summer in the glorious mountain town of Telluride, CO inspired by the outdoors and nature
1997: Semester Abroad in Australia visiting Fiji,New Zealand (first black & white film photos)
1998: During the final CU semester, studies digital animation, as an internship
1998: Graduates from CU-Boulder with Bachelor of Studio Arts, film photography + digital imaging (BSA)
1998-2000: First job at Aspen Mountain Photo – Events Photographer working year round on Snowmass & Aspen
1999-2000: Jared begins color landscapes work in Colorado, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and California
2000: Jared applies to National Geographic Magazine as a photography intern, only 1 accepted per year, is declined.
2000: He starts Brick House Images for freelance photography services and designs his own site,

2001-03: Jared moves to Santa Cruz, CA and starts work with Adventure Sports Journal, as an asst. photo editor
2002-03: Photographs, writes, and produces short stories on climber Chris Sharma, a winter ascent of Mnt. Shasta
2003: Transitions from slide and film to shooting with Nikon digital SLR cameras, learning this new medium
2003: Pulled towards documentary travel photography he moves to Thailand to become certified to teach english!
2003- 04: Travels in SE Asia to Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia – new photographic work (galleries)
2003: Documentary photography work at ICP- International Center Photography in NYC
2004: Works as a production assistant for Engle Brother Media, documentary video TV productions in NYC
2004: Becomes a certified Adventure Tour guide with Suntrek, leads North America and Alaska camping tours.
2004: Tours in Alaska, meets wife, Sarah, a global British tour leader for Explore Worldwide, bases in SF
2004-05: Photography Director with SOMA Models, a SF luxury and modeling website and new brand
2004: Begins private digital photography and adult photo editing education, custom designed for new needs.
2005: Travels with SOMA models to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for a yoga dvd and photo shoots, pro HD video camera
2005: Various Art Shows: Special Mentions in multiple public exhibits
2004-06: Photographic adventure travels to: Cuba, Panama, Argentina, Alaska (galleries)
2006: Jared marries Sarah in San Francisco, CA!
2007: Enters film festivals with first non-fiction Short: “Shooting Samsara”, an homage to Baraka + Samsara
2009: He leads SF Night Photography Workshop sponsored by Zozi, Google Offers and Groupon
2008: Jared chooses to donate my kidney to aunt in NJ, he has a life-changing experience and career shifts
2009-2010: Feeling the pull, he and his wife travel to Maui, HI to work on Hale Akua Organic Farm, Wwoof’ing
2009: Works as a Key Set Production Asst. on Maui fiction film, “Get a Job” (a festival award-winner)

2010: Jared relocates to Berkeley, CA for the birth of his first son, Kai, begins an MBA program in SF, the same weekend!
2010-2012: Challenges his business acumen with the MBA in Sustainable Management from Presdio Graduate School
2011: Becomes co-chair of the Presidio Graduate School’s Entrepreneurs Club, leads events and seminars.
2012: Graduates MBA program with talents for presentations, sustainability engagement, eco-entrepreneurship and online marketing.
2012: He crowdfunds his venture, TraX an eco-mobile sustainability rewards platform, as a venture creation
2012: Begins private group photography tours, for adult photo education and facilitating inspiration
2013: Creates SF Keyz – a new concierge service for San Francisco renters buildings site,
2013: Hosts+ produces Green13, a CEO sustainability leadership workshop in SF (sells-out)
2013: Since 2005 has taught over 1,000 private digital photography lessons, develops a lesson curriculum.
2012-13: Works with amazing SF startup companies, Lovely (real estate app), Lyft + Uber X (ride-sharing apps)
2013: Innovates BHImages with new multimedia marketing services for businesses and professionals
2013: His 2nd son is born, Noa, and is developing the TraX venture, he like challenges.
2014: Jared is awarded, Eco-Social Media Innovation in Business Efficiency for TraX by (wow)
2014: Innovates BHImages with new Crowdfunding Consulting services and digital downloads offerings
2015: Founding Gryp – a bold new collaborative multimedia production space (under development)
2015: Founded Brick House Media Co. the parent company for global Gryp locations and franchises (stay tuned!)
2015: Recognized by the BBB-Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating for outstanding local services.
2015: Working with Alisa McDevitt, the first multimedia marketing manager to help grow the company!
2016: We have moved office spaces in the Supernatural Factory in W. Oakland for studio productions and shared work space.
2016: Moved into the Port Workspaces in Oakland and created a collaborative media studio for the +1000 members with Gryp
2017: Moved to Santa Cruz with his family to live in the redwoods and enjoy the outdoor lifestyle. Travels to SF Bay area weekly for meetings, events, and productions.

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