How one Video Increased Web Conversions by 24%

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The 21-Day Purpose Challenge is delivered by some of the World’s Top Purpose Experts, who have been featured on Fox, NBC, SXSW, USA Today, O! Magazine and Techcrunch.   You’ll get powerful teachings from Brandon Peele [VIDEO below], Tomar Levine, Chris Kyle, Stephanie Staidle, Raphael Cushnir, Lora LeFhae, Randy Crutcher EdD, Myrna Brown, Mark Gura, Deborah Jane Wells, Gleb Tsipursky, Cheryl Engelhardt, Darshita Gilles, Alex Iglecia, David Klaus, Isabelle Peyrchoux, Jonathan Gustin, Sara Connell, Day Schildkret and Claire Sierra.

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Planet Purpose wanted to increase website conversions with video… and then some!