80-20 Rule for Social Media Marketing

The 80/20 Principle from Richard Koch’s book, “The 80/20 Principal- The
Secret to Success by Achieving More with Less.” applied to social media
content and marketing by BHMC.

Learn how we leverage the 80/20 law of Efficiency to engage your Social
Media channels!

Pareto’s Law otherwise know as the 80/20 rule, can be found in almost all
of life. To offer you the simple explanation 20% of actions, result in 80%
of the gross effect. Or to apply it to business, 20% of customers provide
80% of the profits (in most case businesses). When you apply this to your
personal life… 20% of your community get roughly 80% of your attention!

This analogy was inspired by Richard Koch’s book, “The 80/20 Principle, The
Secret to Success by Achieving More with Less,” a great read from my MBA
course work at Presidio Graduate School in SF.  At Brick House Media Co. we
have found another innovative way to express the 80/20 rule, in regards to
social media content sharing. Are you ready…


Be careful where you are putting your 20%… as it can be
critical and often is overlooked!


I know what you may be thinking… ARE YOU CRAZY!!!  You may believe
you should be telling people about YOU YOU YOU most of the time, right?
Koch, I and many others now know this is dead wrong. Imagine we meet at a
party, and you talk about YOU for the majority of the conversation… two
things might happen. First, the other person (me) may leave or loose
interest very quickly… unless you are famous or a celebrity (anomalies to
the rule).  Second, YOU will not get to learn much about ME.. we call this
listening for the need!  Great marketers will tell you this… you should
be listening 80% and talking just 20%, when cultivating new relationships
with clients or prospects. The reason for this is that you need to know
what they are all about. How can you meet their needs if you never
learn what they are into?

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Learn how to apply the 80-20 rule to social media content marketing from Brick House Media Co.