Don’t Woo-Woo Your Way Out!

Adobe Marketing Cloud created a highly shareable and viral video about 1 year ago, about a fictitious social network called Woo-Woo!

A few marketers hear two delivery guys talking about it on the elevator and decide to go ALL-IN on Woo-Woo as a new channel… the results are quite hilarious and a bit sad!


“Get us a profile page, Write us some posts”

“Upload some videos”

“I want Sponsored Woos, Targeted Woos”

“We’re buying some followers!”

“WOO-WOO-WOO-WOO-WOO” (chanting-chanting)

Adobe adds this warning to make sure you know your audience, your customers and the larger realities of “hot & trendy” social media communities.  Yes the only world is changing fast, but some channels are only getting more solidified. 

The video ends with the savvy-mobile users, saying they dropped “Woo-Woo” as their mom is now on it… Facebook anyone?  But the fact remains, when a social channel hits major market saturation to the point of baby-boomer and other “older” generations joining it… it has become a really large channel to share to.  As you will see after watching the video, not only did this company dump all their energy and resources into Woo-Woo collateral, but it may be a fading trend according to the “hipster-millennial” delivery guys.  

We take a more tried and true approach to multimedia and marketing… go where your customers are, while casting a wide net.  We primarily leverage the following channels to help companies and founders grow.

Some channels we don’t primarily focus on now, but know they have followers are: Snapchat, Whats App, VK and Vine… and we will help clients build Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest profiles up.  As strategy consultants we have to be energy conservationists here… as each channel has a voice, a community and a profile to build out. If only is was as simple as posting some photos and video… and watch the engagement rise. In today’s world we have to be niche targeted, customer centric, media focused and align with our potential audiences.  

LESSON: Don’t end up like this poor sucker… remember you can’t Woo-Woo your way out of this one. 

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